The Things That Make Your Home Toxic

If you thought that we are safer if we stay inside our homes, think again. It may look perfectly clean and beautiful outside, but because of the different chemicals that we use to clean our house, it can be very deadly to all the people living in it. Our bodies are exposed to toxins that can be found in fabrics, filtering systems, computers, phones and so much more. We always assume that our home is the cleanest and safest place, it may contain harmful elements, but some of them are actually toxic. Here are details that make any home toxic:

The Things That Make Your Home Toxic
  • PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers – it is used as retardants for flame and builds up rapidly in everyone’s body. PBDEs are present in many appliances and some fabrics. They can be found in the kitchen and dining room, in blenders, coffeemakers, toasters, and microwaves.
  • Phthalates – it is a chemical additive that can be used in making a vinyl flexible to giving lotions the right amount of consistency. They are usually found in the kitchen and dining room, in bottles, plastic containers, vinyl flooring and food wraps.
  • Pesticides – DDT are banned, but others such as atrazine, are now restricted. The commonly used ones to kill roaches, fungi, etc. can be linked to some effects of one’s health and this includes asthma and neurological, immunological and developmental problems.
  • PFAs or perfluoroalkoxy – usually found in the kitchen, dining room as wells as non-stick pans.
  • PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls – it builds up in human tissues. They are already banned but are usually found in fishes and games in areas that are contaminated with it.
The Things That Make Your Home Toxic

There are still many other types of harmful toxins out there that everybody should be aware of, and the details mentioned above are just a few of them. This can be very alarming, considering the different effects it has to our bodies. You always have the option to go for natural alternatives, which do not just harm us; they are also good for mother earth.

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