The Government and Industries: The Story That Everyone Should Know

Money is always a big issue. Dupont’s current fine of 16.5 million dollars by the EPA was just nothing if we compare it to the billions of profits that they made while they were lying about the truth. The government backs off from large corporations such as manufacturers of freon. It clearly shows in the EPA regulations that Freon cannot leak into our earth’s atmosphere. This means that once and HVAC system leaks, it should be shut down and repaired. But still, millions of metric tons of Freon are sold each year and are placed into leaking systems.

The Government and Industries: The Story That Everyone Should Know

Research proved that companies come out, make assessment of the system and then re-charges it at least a couple of times before finally tearing it down for them to get the real problem. Freon manufactures makes a lot of money all the time and EPA somehow blinded themselves to what statistics show. A top ranking official from the Consumer Product Safety Commission say that any type of product has an acceptable risk that is associated with them that can also include death.

The Government and Industries: The Story That Everyone Should Know

We begin to wonder now what they are protecting us from. This certain government agency that is responsible in protecting the consumers is corrupt and out of control, it clearly shows that it protects big businesses in this industry. The corporate officials from Aspen Oil Company, Lennox and Smit’s, a heating and air conditioning company lied about the discovery and trial of the lawsuit filed against them, and got away from the judge even though this issue has been pointed out to the jury.

Their corporate attorneys are brutal in their defense and the war chest of industries for litigation is really big. The legal system also care less regarding the truth and if it’s not presented at the right time by a certified and expert for the subject matter that can change with every case, luck could definitely run out.

It is time for people to be aware of what these industries can do for the citizens and be cautious about the things that make everyone’s life overly convenient. These companies know how to control the people’s minds to become very dependent on them, and to continue on being rich. Becoming self-sufficient is one answer and if people can this, it will be the perfect circumstance for everyone to be free from greed, lies and corruption. It’s time take back the country even if it may seem impossible.

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