Benefits of Green Cleaning

Benefits of Green Cleaning

The good reputation of green cleaning is spreading more and more as time goes by. People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of using dangerous chemicals in everyday domestic and office environments, so they do their best to make cleaning as safe as possible.

But why is green cleaning so important? Why is it we can’t use the more traditional, time-tested cleaning products? Well one of the most important elements of that is the fact that much harm can be done by using harsh chemicals in everyday cleaning. This will lead to allergies in the most harmless of the possible cases and much worse if you’re not careful. In all cases people should be completely aware of the negative effects of cleaning chemicals before they make their choices. Green cleaning products help not only protect you, but the environment as well.

It is more than clear today that cleaning products have a great impact on anyone living inside a given building. There are many side effects that may occur, such as respiratory issues, asthma, skin and eye irritation and more. This is definitely something we would love to avoid if possible, as it will directly impact our lives. Luckily, we can do just that by switching out the more traditional cleaners for green, eco-friendly ones, thus increasing our air freshness and diminishing the possible side-effects.

One other important detail of green cleaning is the fact that it has less of an impact health-wise on the cleaning personnel as they work with chemicals over long periods of time. The exposure to harsh chemicals on a daily basis for years ahead can cause some serious diseases, such as cancer or even reproductive or neurological conditions.

As long as the executives of corporate facilities and homeowners and renters realize that household chemicals may cause harm, they will find a way to work in a safer way. This will make their lives better overall and their homes and offices both safer and cleaner.

The first thing you have to do to minimize possible risks is to understand the ways toxins may enter a human body. There are several paths through which exposure happens and that is ingestion, dermal exposure and inhalation. While there are plenty of contaminants in drinking water and food, the real problems happen when cleaning product residue ends up in our meals as well as poor hygiene. This mostly covers the ingestion exposure to toxins.

Another common route of toxic exposure is the danger of inhalation. This can become especially dangerous when certain chemicals are combined unwittingly, such as bleach and ammonia. These combinations have harsh, hazardous vapors capable of poisoning and suffocating those exposed to their effects. There are also bases and acids in many of the cleaners which are also irritating to the skin as well as capable of producing fumes.

The last type of exposure comes through skin contact. A good example is the butyl cleaner, also known scientifically as 2-butoxyethanol, which is easily absorbed through skin contact, becoming a debilitating and dangerous poison to your reproductive system and your organs.

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